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     The Library Advisory Committee is created to serve as the main channel of communication between the library and its users. It also acts as liaison between the faculty and the library in an advisory capacity. It reviews and recommends policies for the continuous development and improvement of the library resources and services. It is composed of the:


VP for Academic Affairs Chairman
Director, LIS Secretary
Executive Directors Members
Deans Members
Directors Members
Accountants Members
Supply Officers Members
Cashiers Members
Librarians and Library Coordinators Members
ASUFA Federation President Member
SSC Federation President Member







7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

(no noon breaks)

Mondays to Saturdays

ASU Banga

ASU Ibajay

ASU New Washington

ASU Makato

7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

(no noon breaks)

Mondays to Fridays


ASU Kalibo
  •      The Aklan State University Library follows the “open library” policy which means that the library is never closed during school hours, except for justifiable circumstances such as library and administrative meetings, university activities that require the presence of all library staff, or other events beyond the control of the librarian. In any of these circumstances, an advance notice shall be posted at the bulletin board and entrance door of the librar


      Services in all Library sections shall be closed 15 minutes prior to scheduled closing time for maintenance purposes.




  • Bonafide Students of Aklan State University
  • University Officials, faculty, academic and non-teaching personnel
  • Alumni of the University with valid alumni card
  • Researchers from other institutions with valid school/company ID and referral letter from their librarian




    1. A library card is issued to students upon payment to the Cashier’s Office.
  1. If library card is lost, student must notify the ASU Library immediately.
  2. Student must apply for a new library card and pay to the Cashier’s Office P80.00 replacement fee.
  3. Reissuance of library card is issued one week after the student has complied with the requirements.




  1. All library materials to be checked out should be charged out at the circulation counter.
  2. Students shall be required to present their library card to check out materials.
  3. Students must be responsible for all items borrowed using the library card; no one is allowed to check out items other than the owner of the library card.
  4. The allowed number of books  and loan period for library materials are as follows:


Students  (Undergrad and Graduate) 2 3 days
Faculty (1 book per subject handed) 5 1 semester
Non-Teaching Personnel 2 1 week
Faculty assigned at different campuses 2 1 week


Overdue charges


Faculty & 

Non-Teaching Personnel

P5.00 per hour P10.00 per hour Books, Periodicals and other Non-Print Materials
P10.00 per hour P15.00 per hour Reserve Books


  1. All fines must be paid directly to the Cashier’s Office.
  2. Non-teaching personnel are allowed to borrow books that are not being used as reference materials by the faculty and students such as fiction, religion, other leisure reading books, periodicals and magazines.
  3. Books borrowed by the faculty must be returned every end of the semester. Books not returned on due date shall be subject to fines.
  4. Faculty and employee under contract of service or job order basis shall be accommodated with a borrowing agreement with the librarian and their respective director/dean of college/school.
  5. Faculty members assigned at the different campuses must present their ASU ID to borrow books. Failure to do so shall be denied of borrowing privileges; hence they shall only be allowed to browse books in the stack area of the library.
  6. All books/other materials must be returned during request for clearance from the library. The library has the right to refuse neither sign nor accept promissory notes to avoid further inconveniences in the future.
  7. Mutilation of library materials is an offense; the offender shall be asked to replace the book or shall be charged the price of the book as determined by the librarian based on the current market price of the book, periodicals and other library materials:
  • First Offense: Replacement of the material mutilated and suspension of borrowing privileges for three days.
  • Second Offense: Replacement of the material mutilated and suspension of borrowing privileges for one week.
  • Third Offense: Replacement of the material mutilated and penalty shall be based on the Code of Discipline for students.


  1. The recall system was developed in order to ensure equal access to library materials. Materials requested by the faculty for instructional purposes may be recalled at any time.
  2. A lost or badly damaged book must be reported immediately by the library user.
  • It shall be either replaced with a current/latest edition of the same title or paid base on the current market price within a month from due date.
  • Transfer of accountability to faculty or personnel with plantilla position shall be accommodated by the library.
  • Failure to replace or pay the book within the given period shall result in the suspension of the borrowing privileges.
  • If a book is declared lost during the scheduled signing of clearances, the library has the right to refuse neither sign nor accept promissory notes to avoid further inconveniences in the future.
  1. Non-compliance with the policies set by library is ground for suspension of all library privileges.


Students Three days
Faculty One semester
Non-Teaching Personnel One week
Faculty assigned in different campuses One week
  • One week loan period (Students)
  • Renewable for additional one week period
  • Books must be presented in order to be renewed




and must be returned immediately on the following day (8:00 AM).

Non-Teaching Personnel
Faculty assigned at the different campuses


  • One week loan period (GS students)


GENERAL REFERENCE COLLECTION (i.e. encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, etc.)

  • Library materials classified as general reference are for library use only.



  • Current Periodicals: Room use only
  • Periodicals shall be made available on circulating basis to faculty and non-teaching personnel of the University for overnight loan period.Current periodicals must be checked out by 4:00 P.M. and must be returned by 8:00 A.M. the following day.
  • The allowed number of periodicals to be borrowed is 1 title per day.
  • A fee for unreturned materials is based on the overdue charges.
  • In case of lost materials, faculty shall pay the replacement cost of the item.



  • For library use only.
  • Photocopying of theses and dissertations are prohibited.



  •       CD/DVD’s are available on a circulating basis to faculty for instructional purposes only.
  •      CD-ROMs and other non-print materials are allowed to be borrowed by the faculty for a maximum of three (3) CD-ROM’s for one day. Materials not returned on due date shall be subject to fines.
  • Fees for lost or damaged item is based on  the current market price of the item. If any single part of an item is missing (one         CD out of three for instance), the full replacement cost shall be charged.
  • Each item shall be inspected upon return to validate if no damage has been done and that all parts are intact.





  • Food and beverages are not allowed in selected areas of the library.
  • Food and beverage served in conferences/meetings held at the Audio-Visual Room shall be accommodated with a prior arrangement with the librarian to utilize the reading area.



  • Mobile phones and laptop computers must be in “Silent Mode” while inside the library.
  • Charging electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the library.



  • Library users must observe the rule of silence and respect the rights of others to study in a quiet environment.
  • Library users engaging in loud conversations shall be directed to leave the library premises.



  • Inappropriate behaviors includes playing games, listening to music, sitting on tables, public display of affection, putting feet on top of the furniture and conducting personal grooming are not encouraged inside the library.



  • Library furniture must not be defaced by writings, stains or marks.



  • Every library user should help maintain the cleanliness of the library.



  • Except for valuables, bags, jackets and big envelopes should be deposited at the baggage counter.
  • The library shall not be responsible for any stolen personal belongings inside the library.


Confidentiality and Privacy


Aklan State University Library shall protect the essential confidential relationship which exists between the library user and the library. It shall also protect the confidentiality of the registration and circulation records of each user. ASU Library shall not reveal to any outside source any information which may lead to individual identification, except:

  • When compelled by legal authority.
  • When authorized in writing by the individual concerned.



Whenever requested by any library staff on duty, all library users are required to show their belongings at the counter desk upon leaving.



The Library and Information Services shall use closed circuit television (CCTV) images to protect the University Library’s resources and to provide a safe and secured environment for students, faculty and visitors.

Video monitoring for security purposes shall be conducted in a professional and ethical manner. Monitoring individuals based on characteristics of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected classification is prohibited.


Personnel involved in video monitoring shall be appropriately trained and supervised in the responsible use of technology.

Video monitoring of public areas for security purposes at the library is limited to use that do not violate the reasonable expectation of privacy.



  • Protection of library resources
  • Monitor security of library building
  • Interest of student, faculty, employee and public safety
  • Assist in the prevention and detection of disorder
  • Assist with the identification, apprehension, and action of offenders



  • The Library shall make every effort to position cameras so that they only cover Library premises.
  • The Library shall clearly display signs so that students, faculty and visitors are aware that they are entering an area covered by CCTV.



  • Quality of Images: It is important that the images produced by the equipment must be clear as possible so that they are effective for the purpose for which they are intended.
  • Retention of Images:


     Images which are not required for the purpose for which the equipment is being used, should not be retained for longer than necessary.

     For digital recording systems, CCTV images held on the hard drive of a PC or server shall be overwritten on a recycling basis once the hard drive is full, and in any event, shall not be held for more than 31 days. Images stored on removable media such as CDs shall be erased or destroyed once the purpose of the recording is no longer relevant.

     Recording media no longer in use shall be securely destroyed.



     Disclosures to third parties shall only be made in accordance with the purpose for       which the system is used and shall be limited to:

     University officials involved with University disciplinary processes.

     Police and other law enforcement agencies, where the images recorded could assist in a specific criminal inquiry and/or prevention of disorder.

     Prosecution agencies.

     People whose images have been recorded and retained (unless disclosure to the individual would prejudice enquiries or proceedings).

    The President or his authorized representative is the only person who can authorize disclosure of information to the police or other law enforcement agencies.

    Access and disclosure to images is permitted only if it supports the purpose of the system. Under these conditions the CCTV image record book and the appropriate view/release form must be completed.

  •      The Director for Library and Information Services shall have the responsibility for the implementation of this policy, monitoring its effectiveness and ensuring the CCTV Policy is available on the Library Policy and Procedural Manual.
  • The Director shall discharge responsibility through the Head Librarian to whom the assigned personnel is accountable.
  • The Library Director and the Head Librarian shall ensure that personnel handling the CCTV images or recording receive training on the operation and administration of the CCTV system.

access to library resource computers

  1. The use of computers is on first-come, first served basis.
  2. There is no charge to use the computers.
  3. Library users shall use the computers for one hour per day. If no one is waiting, library users may use the workstations longer at the discretion of the library staff.
  4. Library users must log in and present their library card every time they need to use the computers.
  5. Library computers must not be use to access chat rooms or pornographic sites.
  6. Library users are responsible for saving their own work on a mobile storage device or flash drive.
  7. Aklan State University Library shall not be responsible for damage to library users’ flash drives and loss of data that may occur.
  8. Library personnel have no control over the quality of information on the internet. Library users must consider the validity and reliability of the information found.
  9. Misuse of library-provided internet access/computer use shall result in the loss of internet and/or library privileges. Library users shall also be held responsible for damage/loss of data in the computer and must replace any damaged parts of the computer.
  10. Printing of documents shall have a corresponding fee.




     Library tour shall be accommodated on a scheduled visit. Tour coordinator must submit a letter request or notify the librarian for scheduling and approval.



  •      ASU Alumni shall be granted permission to use the library resources upon presentation of ASU Alumni Identification Card.
  •      All Alumni are granted free services on their first two days of research.
  •      Alumni reviewing for board examinations and civil service examinations shall be granted to use library resources upon recommendation of the Dean.
  •      Alumni shall be allowed to read library materials inside the stack area; however in cases where they would like to obtain bulk of information, they could avail of photocopying services available inside the library upon approval of the librarian.
  •      Alumni must observe proper conduct and behavior while inside the library.



The ASU Library welcomes researchers from other school/institution to have access on library resources.

They shall be accommodated every Saturday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The researcher must strictly observe the following rules:

  • Researcher from other institution must present valid school/company ID and referral letter from their librarian/head of agency.
  • Researcher must pay a service charge of P20.00.
  • Researcher is allowed to read library materials inside the stack area; however in cases where they would like to obtain bulk of information, they could avail of photocopying services available inside the library upon approval of the librarian.
  • Researcher must observe proper conduct and behavior while inside the library.



This policy shall be reviewed periodically in the light of changing circumstances by the Library Advisory Committee.


This Library Policy shall take effect after approval by the Aklan State University Board of Regents.

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